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New $5 PIPS referral bonus (starts today)

Just a quick update…

If you are NOT participating in SAN in the PIPS system, you can now get paid $5 for every PIPS referral.

New $5 PIPS referral bonus (starts today)

In effect, you can choose to earn from SAN, or PIPS as the 5th Plug-In Profit Site income stream. Details are in Day 1, and on the Account page in your member’s area.

Also, GDI is picking up steam fast in the PIPS system. It’s working great as an income stream, and we are also starting to build more new member sites on the domain they get with their GDI account.

I’ve posted more details about the exciting compensation potential of GDI in Day 8 of the 30 Days to Success training.

If it’s been a while since you’ve made it into the member’s area, be sure to check out Day 7 as well which gives you 2 very easy and quick follow up strategies that I’ve been using to make more sales.

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